What to do if my girlfriend doesn't enjoy kissing?

I've been dating with my girlfriend for about 3 months now and I just recently kissed her the first time. It was during cuddling and kinda short, so I decided to try again later that night but she pulled away and told me she doesn't really enjoy kissing. I'd really like to kiss her more and make out, but I feel like I shouldn't even approach her lips anymore since she's told me she doesn't really like it. Is there a way to make her like kissing more? It's not like I have a bad breath or that I'm too aggressive.


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  • Try to be patient and ask her what she doesn't like about it.


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  • Is she like 3 years old or something? she's probably going through the phases were boys and girls don't want coodies from eachother

    3 months and this is the first kiss bloody hell

    Just don't show interest in kissing her.. Trust me she'll kiss ya


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