Guys, Do guys tell you if they aren't interested or are annoyed by you?

I'm trying to pursue a potential relationship with a friend of mine but I feel like I might be annoying him. He will text me first sometimes but most of the time it is me who texts first. He does keep the conversation going. He asks questions and what not. We have been out to lunch a few times and the first few times I initiated... then last week I was telling him I was having car problems and he offered to take me to lunch... I'm pretty sure he knows I like him. I just am not sure if he is interested back. He hasn't really hinted towards not liking me... I'm just afraid I'm pushing it too much.


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  • Just be cool and go with the flow. Let things happen naturally. I think he likes because if he didn't he would not go on all those lunch dates. Sometimes you have to be patient with love and liking somebody.


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