Why does this guy call me just to hang up in a minute? He's confusing me?

I've known this guy since jr high, and Well, we've started hanging out the most we ever have this year, yes hooking up too... Anyway, he just won't talk much on the phone. Like today, he called me and asked "are u ok?" And that's what he always asks me, I said "could u be more creative, (jokingly) and he said "R u alright and just told me he wanted to check on me before he went into work" ... Why not make more conversation? Why even bother calling if you're not going to say much? I kept trying to mention different things so he could talk and I could tell he was going to say "ok I got to go" I don't get it. Is he just stringing me along maybe?


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  • Maybe he doesn't like talking on the phone much, but thinks you'd appreciate a call. He likes you.


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