So, this seems to be getting rediculous?

Ok so, I've been through the past years I've become interested in several different women. I never ended up dating any of them that i was really interested in. Now before any of you say that im going for the wrong type of girl let me tell you how the interactions went with most of these girls.

I got 90% of them to laugh and flirted with most. I asked several out but it never happened. But most of them when i was trying to have a normal convo with would barely have anything to say. Id get laughs and some would chat a little but not much. And i dont remember any awkwardness. Am I doing something wrong here? Not like any of these girls were models and i dont think any had great jobs. I've seen very ugly guys with good looking girls and im def not ugly. And also please dont go saying that these girls aren't obligated to go out with or talk to me, im not an idiot.

Just seems like maybe women in my town are asking for mr perfect when i doubt theyre bringing much to the table themselves. Any ideas?


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  • Something to do with body language , have to be funny and cocky with them , something that they can relate to. There is guy that teaches about this called David Deangelo, look him up online

    • I dont think body language is an issue here. Only because its only the ones i was really interested in do this. Not like i haven't ever had a date. I've dated several but have only had 1 serious relationship.

    • Not really sure what's going on there then

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