How does a guy balance the friendshipzone vs attraction thing?

I always always always make friends, girls and guys. But I'm always flying into the friendshipzone. So I have heaps of girls I speak to but nobody wants to play with me😢 I find if I build the attraction up to long, it's friendshipzone or I miss my opportunity with her BUT when I go in direct, I'm seen as pushy and desperate, douch (it's friggin irritating) So like how do you balance this shit out. A) when must a girl know I like her in other ways (on the first night meeting her, the first few texts) and b) how do players manage to do this with ease? (Example that happened to me, I was talking to a girl who I thought liked me, very touchy, flirty, etc, then I stayed in contact with her but not everyday to come off non- cling, was gonna escalate and then the following weekend i see she hooked up with a guy) it just seems a guy has to declare his intentions very early but I don't know how without coming off as needy. Just curious. I'm missing a little ingredient here somewhere.


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  • I don't know, but there is something that you might be doing wrong.
    Do you text them all the time complimenting them?
    Do you have things to talk about/interests/passions?

    • I dont text them much with compliments because I'm under the impression that girls get complimented all the time and I would come off as that usual/needy guy. I usually build it up over time (which could be my problem) bug must I profess her beauty upon meeting her?

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  • One thing is to state that you like them from an early stage and another thing is to be clingy. You can let the girl know that you like her without bombarding her with texts and demand of attention, cause then thay would be clingy. If you like a girl don't wait too long to ask her out.

    • What's the "too long" definition? Mine was 1 week after chatting to her and some other dude got her?

    • well, that was a good time, but in this case she might have already been flirting with this guy before you

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