Damn. My boyfriend got. New job at a bar and I'm secretly not happy about it. what can I do to ease my mind?

So I started complaining to my boyfriend that he needed to try and bring in more money. Then he started askiNg around to his friends seeing if they could help.
Maia boy got him a job at a VIP club in giant station. I'm like feeling not so happy about it. I don't want him around bar tenders or hot waitresses. I'm so sad. Of course I told him I'm happy for him cus after all, I did want him to get a better job or a secco do job. But damn. My guy is very friendly with guys and girls. Very helpful. And some might take it as flirting. I don't want him in inviornments like that. I no there is going to be hot girls. And yes I trust him but he does have a wondering eye like most men.
So my point is what do I do now? he is working every Sunday! And I'm off every Sunday. I'm going to loose my mind every damn Sunday thinking of him smiling at girls and girls smiling at him. People help me please what do I do ?:(


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  • You need to decide if you really trust this guy or not... There's nothing wrong with him working around other women, and if there is reason for not trusting him, then you need to consider whether or not this is really the right guy for you.

    I don't think it's unreasonable to be a little jealous at first, but don't let it get to the point where you resent the guy for getting a good paying job or that it ruins your life 'cause you can't stop thinking about it...

    He can be friendly with coworkers and customers and still be 100% loyal to you.

    Sundays probably aren't the busiest days / nights of the week at a bar so why not become a customer there and visit him every now and then (for a bite to eat and a drink, of course, not just to loiter and distract him), and get to know the people he works with.

    He gets paid to be friendly and work well with other people, so don't get upset if he's laughing and having a good time with other girls... He's there to get paid, and unless you have reason to believe otherwise, he probably doesn't have any desire to actually do anything with any of the girls he works with.

    Talk with him about it though, don't let it become a problem...

    • What ur saying is so tru and easy for a normal girl who hadn't been cheated on badly by her ex. My ex damaged my mind and now I'm on guard 200%and trying to protect my life cus I was depressed and it literally killed me when I found out he was doing all the horrible things he was doing. As u can se I still am not over what my ex did and I find myself not having no control over how ruined my perception of guys to this day is. (This was three years ago).
      Granted , my man now is great and very trust worthy. But I fool myself into thinking because he looks at other girls and likes a pic or two of a pretty girl that he may cheat. Please give me more advise. I need all the help I can get.
      Sincerely , damaged women...

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  • Unless you lock him in the basement for the rest of his life, he is going to be encountering other human females every day for the rest of his life. If you actually trusted him, this wouldn't be a problem for you.

  • www.quickmeme.com/.../...93a37ff3e69ac6fbdbc09.jpg
    I couldn't resist; anyway, it's not going to be reasonable to expect your boyfriend to quit this job because of your perceived "paranoia." Has your boyfriend cheated on you in the past? If he hasn't, you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Also, who in the world is drinking large amounts on a Sunday? You wanted him to get a job, and he got one. Eventually, he may move up or find a new one that will align to your standards and expectations. Until then, like that cheesy song from "Frozen", "Let it go.. Let it go... Let it... go"

    • Haha !!! Funny phot and tru love it

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    • If the man is going to cheat, there is nothing that you can do to stop him. All you can do is be prepared for the worse. You're going to have to learn to trust him for now. If you start seeing signs of him cheating, then leave. However, you should give this new guy the benefit of the doubt until he proves himself wrong. There are honorable men out there.

    • Most definitely there are honorable men out there and I like that you said that! You give amazing and honest advice. Thank you very much. The help is appreciated !!

  • Meh, you reap what you sow. LMAO


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  • Would you rather him stay at home and do nothing and have you pay for everything?


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