Do any girls my age want to just be in a real settled relationship?

I've noticed most girls I'm interested in, aren't interested in that but would rather either be single or fuck anything that moves with no commitment.

People around my age, what's your experiences/thoughts?


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  • At this age? Not a lot want a relationship. unfortunately people mature differently and at different stages. Some people like me find more comfort in something stable and are more focused on the future where as some people just want to 'have fun' and be in the moment just satisfying their current needs.
    In the end it'll be harder to find girls and guys who want a relationship at this age not just because it's not as common but also because I've noticed a lot of them have given up and focused on other things because just like you see it some just 'want to fuck anything that moves' and they find it's a waste of time to try.


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  • I met my girl when I was 16 so I can't really comment on first hand experiances I've had with them

    But I think all woman would want a relationship especially when theyre younger like 14-27

    Or it could just be the girls you like


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  • Honestly I've been with my husband since I was 17, so there are girls out there that want to settle. It sucks because most people ur age want to experiment.


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