Boy I like might be coming to my party HELP?

So I'm having a party this weekend and one of my guy friends asked if he can bring a few friends. I am almost certain that one of them will be this boy that I've had a crush on for like 2 years and I don't know what to do, how am I supposed to act? There's going to be loads of other girls there too and I feel like it will ruin my night if he's all over some random girl (one of my friends but random to him) should I tell my guy friend not to invite him or what?


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  • What kind of logic is that? lol Of course you should try to get him to come to the party. If anything, I would ask your friend if he's bringing *your crush's name here* to give him that little hint.

    • Yeah I'd wanna see him but I'm gonna be fretting the whole night.. Especially because I'm the host

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    • You're right actually...

    • ;) good luck

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  • just calm down... and take a nice look hahah what can i say!>


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  • you should try to get him to come to the party


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