How many of you believe in the zodiac signs?

Im not going to list all of them and their description. But I can't help but deny some of the traits listed if you were to google or read a book on them are very similar in not only mine, but family and friends as well. Though their definitely are also differences. Sometimes it makes perfect sense, but some aspects seem like total b. s.

Real or fake, what do you think and why?


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  • Well, I don't believe in zodiac signs. They are bullshit.


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  • It's idiotic and anyone who believe in it are moronic, at best. Why do I believe this? Science.

    There is ZERO chance that the position of the stars and the moon and the sun at the time of your birth influenced your personality in the slightest. Just like there is zero chance that a fairy flew under your pillow to get your tooth. There is zero chance that a leprechaun exists with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. There is zero chance that lighting is caused by Zeus throwing lightening bolt just the same as there is zero chance that thunder is angels bowling. I mean this is just critical thinking that we are talking about here.

  • Yes, I do believe in them but to a very little extent.


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