New girlfriend doesn't talk much after we started dating, what should I do?

(Sorry for this being long) So I've been dating this girl for almost two months now and she has hardly said a single word to me, i literally start every conversation and i feel like im being too clingy which makes me not want to message her at all sometimes. Before we actually started dating she would always message me with a few calls in the mix too. But once we got together I've heard hardly anything from her. Every time i try to make plans with her she'll say, "I'll see" but never give me an answer. Then it confuses me because she texts me "i miss öyou" and i said the same and asked her if she wanted to meet up soon. And again no straight answer. I dont know if i can keep this up since it feels like im not even dating her, just plain out annoying her. Anyone know what i should do?


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  • You'd better be glad I read all that -.-
    No just kidding but danggg I hate that. I would have said that she was just shy until you mentioned the part where she would message and call you first at times. I mean she still could be... but.. Ok moving on
    She might be a little insecure and doesn't want to be annoying to you. Have you asked her why she's been so quiet?

    • Yeah I have, and again not a direct response. She just brushed it off as if i didn't ask...

    • Oh that's so annoying. Then you're gonna have to lay it down straight homeboy and let her know how you feel. Because if you don't then everything will be the same and you'll be stuck in the same position for a while. See you guys are lacking communication. You're doing your part but she's not contributing enough :/

    • Thanks I appreciate it!

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  • Ask her straight up what the probl m is but try and be sensitive cause she could be sensitive but if she remains shady tell her how you feel then let her go. See if she speaks up then if she doesn't she doesn't care and you want a girl lol that cares bout u as much as u care bout her obviously so yeah.

  • ask her. Thats the only way you are going to get a straight awnser

    • I have tried but she usually just brushes it off. She is just sending mixed signals and im a guy, i can't keep up with those haha

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