Was this middle aged woman hitting on me?

There was this middle aged women filling up her tank right next to me at the gas station. Just got out of the gym so I had a good pump going. Extra vascular.

Caught her looking a couple times. Then finally I went up to go to the cashier to pay with cash. She decides to go up the cashier and pay with a card. She was attempting small talk. Then while filling up her tank next to mine she starts asking me a ton of questions. Asked me if I go to school or if I work. Told her I'm a student and I asked her if she had any kids or a husband. She said no but was wearing a ring LOL. I told her I'm 22 but I look older. Lilttle more small talk and then I told her to have a good night. She was trying every possible way to initiate a conversation with me it seemed like. If I was attracted to her I would of destroyed her.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Destroyed her how?

    • An athletic 22 year old having sex with a 40 year old women is in my words destroying her lol.

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    • I bet you could.

    • Oh man. I'm getting all kinds of milfs on me today! My ego is strong today.

Most Helpful Guy

  • So, she wasn't attractive to you? Bummer. You should keep an eye out in the missed connections on Craigslist though. You never know.

    Also, a ring doesn't mean anything. Do you know for sure is was an engagement/wedding ring?

    • Looked like it. I just wasn't really attracted to her though. Maybe if I saw her naked but she looked to mom like.

    • Hey, sometimes those mom-like women can rock your world in the bedroom :P But don't worry about it dude. Women out there find you attractive, which is a good thing.

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  • Either she wanted your D or looking for a D for someone single she knows

  • All the time you come here with tales like this! lmao

    • I just really suck at deciphering this kind of stuff man lol. A girl could clearly not be interested but my ego is so retarded I think she actually is. Other times a girl is clearly hitting on me and I don't think anything of it.

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    • Lmao. CEO man. Should just go all out. Pass the CEO card then drive off in my 2007 Ford f150.

    • ahahaha I die!

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