How can I get him out of my mind and dreams?

I mwt this guy 3 months ago but I haven't seen him in almost a month and i used to see him once a week at the place we worked or more he invited me to fb and told me we can hang but never made plans and haven't talk directly after the last day we say just fb comments, likes, wall post, etc but I really do miss him. He is a good friend but the poroblem is i had a crush on someone else who lives in another city and I really love my crush and its been 7 years and im seeing him soon and ill tell him about my feelings. But this othet guy highers my sexual drive and i had a pervert dream with him a few days ago and a romantic one last night. How can i forget him? or stop dreaming about him and confusing myself?


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  • Find someone else to dream about :)


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