Is the reason I can't find a girlfriend because my standards are too high, or because I just haven't found a good match yet?

I haven't had a serious girlfriend in my life. I've had a few girls that I've casually gone out with, but I never really liked them enough to enter a more serious relationship. My friends think that I am just a whimp and am scared of asking girls out, but thats not the case. I just haven't met any girls who I think are worth going out of my way for to ask out. As an intelligent and good looking guy, with great career prospects, and lots of friends, I feel like I shouldn't settle for less. I look for girls who are good looking (7/10+)(and who dont dress like sluts), in shape, smart, easy to get along with, who have good career prospects, a good education, and who are both my religion and political affiliation. On top of that I write off women who have slept around before, because I am waiting for marriage so I want someone who will wait as well. I feel like this isn't too much to ask, I'm basically just asking for a female version of myself, but its hard to find a girl who fits all of those. Is it because I demand too much or because I just haven't met the right girl yet? And let me actually rephrase that... I did find the right girl, 3 years ago, but due to circumstances completely beyond both of our controls, and due to a distance factor continuing the relationship wasn't possible, this girl fit all those categories but the looks category (she was only average looking), but that was 1 girl out of the hundreds I have met. Whats the deal here?


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  • No, your standards are not too high. I have had the same problem—and I am that type of girl. I love working out, have an IQ of 126, have a career path set for myself, and want someone of the same religion.

    It will take a long time, though.


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  • Chances are you will find someone but it's going to take a long time. But make sure you are not asking for more from them then you are bringing into the relationship yourself.

  • By not knowing you at all it's hard to say.

    They seem pretty reasonable though.


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