How to handle a chick who tries to put me down for my short height and turn her wet for me instead?

I am 5'6" Asian, I mean when I pick up a chick, sometimes they test me and attack my height. It can actually upset me. And I don't wanna laugh about my short stature and do self depreciation jokes.

What should I do?


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  • Why would you want to be with a person who constantly puts you down in the first place?
    I don't understand people.

    • I just wanna hook up with her

    • So the answer is because they're hot, put me down or not

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  • Ask the girl, "How would you feel about a guy if he told you that you have little titties or a really fat ass? Don't worry; I'd never say anything that mean-spirited to you."


    "Is that a good example of the kind of person you are?"

    • The first one can work only if she really does have little titties or fat ass

      For the second one, she never said she was a kind person to begin with, nor am I searching for a kind person.

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    • Yes, I understand, but most people don't want to confront the fact that they are behaving badly.

    • Got you

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  • Hahaha wow

    • Sorry the title made me laugh at least your upfront about it

  • Use it to your advantage be witty


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