Girls, When will I find a girl that will let me treat her like a queen?

I'm just gonna be honest. I am a 24 year old virgin. I have a bachelors degree in business and have a great career ahead of me. I live very frugal. My immediate goals are to pay down my car note and student loan debt in the next 4 years. Girls I have talked to in the past have ended up breaking my heart. They would tell me that I was too perfect and end up saying that they were not good enough for me. I don't get it. Why do good guys finish last? I sometimes wish a girl would knock on my door and tell me she loved me. Please give me some advice.
I must also add that I easily get jealous when I see people I know and other people in public who are "couples." I wish I had that.


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  • Keep hope! No woman is going to knock on your door, get up and get out there! πŸ˜‰The more social or active you are raises your opportunity to meet women.

    Good guys do not finish last but unfortunately they get turned down from women who haven't figured out what they want or are still young and immature. Try not to let prior experiences pave your future. There's lots of nice women out there looking for a stand up guy!

    Suggestions to meet women - join any social club, sport club, go to community events designed for singles, single cruises ( may be a bit old for you though ), tell friends you're looking, and lastly, if you see a woman you're interested in go ask her out for dinner and if she turns you down move on to the next one you find intriguing. Good luck! πŸ˜€


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  • No it seems like you're a totaly catch. I'm sure you will find a girl who will adore you and let herself be treated like a queen. Just wait it will happen and I'm sure she'll keep you on your toes.

  • Good guys don't finish last. Sounds like you're looking at the wrong girls. You might be intimidating, though. Be vulnerable. Exposing flaws might be to your advantage.

  • When girls say your to good for me it's a lie. Basically they lost interest in you. Best way to fix this is make sure you look after yourself first and make yourself happy instead of giving everything to the woman to early. Be nice be kind be loyal but only invest so much of you heart and effort in at a time otherwise you end up getting hurt and scaring people off. I always try to give 60% of the relationship. (I give sixty they give 40) that way I'm always trying to give a bit more then I get but I'm not the one putting in all the effort.
    Loving and being kind is great but you have to look after yourself to or you end up hurt

  • you sound perfect to me
    maybe you date girls who are not ready to be commitment in a relationship


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