Should I ask her?

So I have all these so called friends that keep telling me to ask my coworker out. Not saying I don't want to. I just don't want to make things awkward if she would say no, small business. But I just don't know we hang out have fun, she's open with me, she's told me she thinks we get along very, well in fact she tossed the idea out about her being my roommate. She's even interested in looking at places with me, she's even offered to basically run small errands for me. I mean am I blind? or is she just trying to be a really good friend?


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  • Red flags here! If you're interested in her don't become her roommate, that's just inviting in drama. Same with being coworkers... tread carefully. If she's interested in being your roommate I'd consider the possibility she's not interested in dating you. And if she is interested in dating you and wants to move in together as roommates then she's not very smart. Any way you could ask around to see what she's thinking... like friends of hers?

    • I don't really know her friends. According to her she has very few, but when one of us bring up moving in together. (Also keep in mind I told her not to worry/care about me). We would be roommates but her response was, well she could play house wifey, she just don't want to clean up after my friends. This literally happened today, kinda put me back in a loop

    • Yah, that is just odd. If you guys choose to be roommates I suggest laying down the rules before hand. I kind of think you're headed for drama though if you choose to live with her while finding her attractive at the same time. Unless of course you don't mind having an instant live in girlfriend?

  • If you do go for it, be careful. It could get awkward between you if the relationship ends. My rule has always been to keep professional and personal separate.


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