Dating someone who is younger than 21 when you're 21. Does it work out?

I'm 19 and will be 20 in Feb. My boyfriend just turned 21 and always wants to go to the bars and drink. He has been to a bar and drank every night for 4 days straight, and now when he gets a free day he wants to go to the bars with his friends. Ya im kinda jealous he can go, but is it hard being with someone who is not 21 when your 21?


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  • Understandable from both sides... He'll (hopefully) get tired of the bar thing soon enough and it won't be as frequent. Right now it's kind of a novelty, and with his buddies turning 21 around the same time too (+/- 1 year) they'll all go through the same phase of going to bars now that they're finally able to, but in a year or two it'll probably wind down considerably. But by that time, you'll be entering the bar scene so it won't matter.

    For now though, have you talked with him about this? Does he make time for you?

    19-21 is a big couple years, obviously being old enough to go to bars and drink in public is a big part of that.

    Can it work out? Sure!
    Can it not work out? Yep!

    Talk to him and be honest with yourself, if you guys can work out an agreement that works for both parties, great... otherwise it might be better to find someone else who can give you the attention that you need and not leave you feeling jealous...

    Good luck!


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  • Of course it can work out. It's not that big of a deal.


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