This guy at work.. mixed signals?

So there's this guy at work I find attractive I know he finds me attractive too.. why you may ask eye contact.. I just got out 9 a long term relationship so maybe I don't know how to read body language.. that's why I need your help in understanding his body language. When we cross paths of which we do regularly we really have great eye contact, we look into each others eyes and then, I look away, I break it because I'm shy and don't want him to think I have a crush on him. The one day I was talking to some lady on the elevator and he tried to join in on the conversation, I kind of shut him down and refused to make eye contact within close proximity. . The most uncomfortable moment ever lol, I could feel him undressing me with his eyes. . I should have probably looked up and smiled, he probably thinks I'm stuck up.. so today I saw him again twice.. The first time we made eye contact and the second time what happened is -I was going somewhere, he was heading my way and when he saw me he changed his direction and started walking toward a dead end/wall because there was nowhere else to go. It was as if he wanted to catch his breath or wanted to avoid me.. what's with these games you men play am I over reacting? Do you think he's playing games. . I have never talked to this guy by the way.. Every time I see him there's either someone around or this other guy hitting on me.. and by the way the other encounters I have had with this guy, he let's me out the door first or let's me in.. true gentleman. . why won't he say something or talk though. . I am very easy on the eye lol


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  • Don't mess with work guys!


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