Please help me girls and guys... :(?

1. She was giving me signs for 4 months that she likes me,... she even cried infront of me when i dint pay attention to her...
2. she asked me out , i refused and then i asked her out, she refused and then when i ignored her she cried...
3. Then one day she came and sat with me... ,,,, we talked... and exchanged emails.,,,,,
4. But now she says,,,,, she has a boyfriend... and we should only be friends.,,,,

5. she says "i will send u my wedding card... u will feel jealous" and "dont get disappointed im not single, i make a good friend" ., she also said to me... "i feel guilty about liking you, get off my mind" .

6.. But when i say "goodbye" , ,,,, she says,,,,,, ... "u have spoiled our friendship, u spoiled everything".,,,,
I dont know what she wants...,,, please help me,,,,,

  • She has a boyfriend.
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  • She doesn't have a boyfriend but pretending to have one coz she doesn't want to seem easy and trying to make me jealous.
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  • She doesn't have a boyfriend but pretending to have one coz she doesn't want to seem easy and trying to make you jealous.

    • This is the best opinion so far...
      coz she came up to me herself and she approached me...
      so she is creating boyfriend story to not seem easy and desparate and trying to make me jealous as well...

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    • You can inbox me, and we can talk, Just let her be, for me if she do have a boyfriend she likes the attention you are given her

    • Casandry...
      she did every trick in the book for last 4 months to get my attention and to attract me...
      and finally when she realised i will not talk to her... she came herself and started a chat with me...
      and then... she said she has a boyfriend...
      all my friends say that she doesn't have a boyfriend... coz a girl who has a boyfriend... wouldn't even talk to guys that much... forget about chasing...
      and after that day... when we exchanged mails... we met 1 week after that...
      and she called my name and asked for water infront of all my friends...
      as if she wants everyone to know that we are together,,,,,,

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What Girls Said 5

  • I don't understand. If she likes you, why make up having a boyfriend. If she wants to make you jealous, okay then. But why not agree to go out with you. If you both obviously like each other, why play games? It makes no sense to me.

    If you really like her, go talk to her. Find out what she wants, ask her to stop playing games.

    • coz she approached me... and she is not the kind of girl that will approach guys...
      so in order to not seem needy and desperate... she made up boyfriend story...

    • That's really sad. I would talk to her and ask her what she wants. Maybe ask her out on a date?

    • i asked her out on a coffee... i said lets bunk the class and lets go for coffee...
      she said i can't bunk the class and i dont like coffee and blah blah...

  • lol that girl seems really weird! I don't think she knows what she wants honestly! I don't think she has a bf! She sounds crazy lol watch out for her! U might wanna just leave her alone forreal

    • Exactly!!! ... maybe she wants to know i just want her sexually or i really like her...
      she always tries to make me commit as she says "u dont love me" , "u love me, i dont" , like she wants me to accept that i love her...
      If i keep pursuing her = i know she has a boyfriend = i am interested in her sexually
      If i cut off contact with her = i know she has a boyfriend = i respect and truly love her to not spoil her current relation.
      what do u say? can it be this sort of a shit test?

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    • this makes me feel shitty lmao

    • @puertoriguesa do u really used to behave like this? :O :O
      so does that means... she loves me?

  • sounds like she was hurt and confused so she wanted to give you a doze of how she felt... she probably wanted to hurt you the way you hurt her she probably just wanted to feel her pain... or maybe she really has a boyfriend but wants to be with you but since you said no she is still angry

    • if i could recall i just remembered i think i did that to someone once before

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    • be straight forward with her tell her you're not into her... who cares if it hurts her feelings it will help her move on she probably thinks there is hope cause you don't fully cut her off she probably thinks you're just playing hard to get

    • you gotta be firm or else she's gonna keep it going and she'll wind up hurting herself even more...

  • We'll she is mad at you and trying to get her point across she doesn't like you. She might be trying get over you by hating you or is just tryin to make you mad. Women are crazy.

  • What puertoriguesa said.
    I think she still likes you.


What Guys Said 2

  • She has a boyfriend, this happened
    in the course of the last few
    months, so she hesitated about
    going out with you;  probably they
    were'nt officially together
    until very recently.

    • she said she was a relation for last 1 year... but most girls say here that she doesn't have a boyfriend and she is just pretending

  • Just keep out of her, concentrate on your future, shez much mature beyond your guess. Just forget her and find a good girl.


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