Guys, Is he done with me?

He was here last night very distant not affectionate but then today he calls me tells me how much he loves me and then asks me something and then asks me another question to it was a great good new question not bad and I gave him my answer we talked for about a hour and then we have plans and made plans for this week, and then he says I'm going to get off here for awhile I asked why he said cause I want to play my game and spend time with my cat I hardly see her when it's opposite I hardly see him but anyways that was around 3 pm my time and it's now 11:32 pm and haven't heard from him I saw he was active on Skype 9 mins ago but won't answer my calls or texts is he done with me and he is off work tomorrow and Thursday I tried to make plans with him tomorrow but he said it's his cleaning day and again he wants to spend time with his cat but Thursday he said its date night is he done with me


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  • Lighten up! It is very early in you two getting to know each other and he is trying to take it slow. Drop your expectations and let things happen.


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