My latest Tinder date, is he at least interested?

Im out of my country now and traveling somewhere. I ended up meeting this guy who I had a match with. I told him im not into hook ups or one night stands.

So we met and it was a proper date. We talked about pretty much everything and hit it off. He asked for second date where we had dinner and actually went to his place and watch movie. "It" happened which I kind of expected. Then after, I was telling him so this is the last time that were going to meet. He was like yeah.. When I was leaving, he asked me if im free on this day and wants to meet me again. I said I need to check my schedule as it is packed. He said he's ready to cancel his schedule so we can meet.

I reached my place back and he sent a message. He said he had a good time and not just because of sex. He wants me to let him know when i can come again asap.

When he walked me to the bus stop, he held my hands. Which I find so uncommon if he is just after sex? I don't know i might be reading things too fast but i wasn't able to sleep properly because of him.



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  • I think he likes you

    • He actually said he likes me but im hesitant to believe lol

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