Would you date him?

My old boss' wife passed away almost a year ago. She was 55yo. He is 51yo, handsome, has a white beard (yes, he likes to dress up as Santa Claus), is a little over weight, but in really good health. His wife had a really good life insurance policy, his house is paid off & he isn't rich, but he doesn't have to worry about $$. He still has to work and will work until whatever is normal for retirement.

He asked me what I thought about him dating again?

He wants to date a younger woman who likes to be taken care of and yet, she wants a partner in life, not a sugar daddy. He asked me if I thought any younger women would be interested in him?

He said he wasn't sure how young would be considered too young. He said he really just wants a woman that will love him for him, regardless of the age difference.

Do you know hard it is to get answers out of a man that was married almost 30 years? He is totally clueless how to date in 2015!

He likes:
- 5'0" to 5'11" tall; the taller the better.
- slim to athletic build; average is okay, but he doesn't want a fat woman.
- likes Asian, indian, vietnamese, korean, filipina (not short & fat), japanese, mexican, columbian, etc women; basically "exotic" alluring women; those with dark hair. (his wife was white and really fat & dint care about her health. she was dirty blonde,)
- he doesn't care if she has big or little boobs, as long as they fit her body type. (i had to ask what that means? he said a tall thin women can have small boobs as long as they go along with small waist and hips. A woman that has measurements like 34A, 32 waist, 40+ hips, and a big butt is not attractive to him. He actually got embarrassed when he told me he likes skinny petite womaen with big breasts. It was funny seeing him blush and act like a little bo caught lying.) AN Asian WOMAN WITH BIG BOOBS WOULD REALLY MAKE HIM HAPPY.
- she can have kids since he never had any coz his wife dint want any!
(more below)
- she needs to NOT have sexual hang ups but doesn't have to be a nympho. (he told me his wife stopped having sex with him when he turned 41yo,. I got embarrassed when he told me he has never had a bj or even a hj.)

My question is would you date him, how old are you, what do you look like, etc,

Or you can give comments on what you think would be a good age.

PLEASE do NOT make rude comments.

I am asking this coz i care about him since he is like a dad to me.
My old boss got on Match. com like most of you suggested. He has gone out with a lot of women these last 2 months.

99% of the Asian women under 40 yo turned out to be interested in his "money" (it was the first thing they talked about) or did not go out on a 2nd date.

He is currently dating (6 dates) a 42 yo woman. She says she is part Portuguese, French, and Vietnamese. She has 3 children under 15 yo. She too is a widow like my old boss is a widower. So far it is going well.
Also, he has lost about 30 lbs and looks a lot better. Her name is Elizabeth, she does yoga a lot, so she has the "shape" he wanted. 5'7" tall, 36 C, 30 waist, 34 hips, long black hair, brown eyes, 140 lbs, great smile, laugh, and he says she is pretty. She has a good job, but admits she wants a husband again, not only for herself, but her kids need a dad. He never had kids, so ready made family if this works out. All 3 kids are girls, 15, 13, & 7.

I will give an update if it works out.


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  • 99% of Asian women won't date him. They will only date him to use him.
    That's coming from someone who is dating someone exactly like he described.


Most Helpful Girl

  • This made me smile:

    "He actually got embarrassed when he told me he likes skinny petite womaen with big breasts."
    "(yes, he likes to dress up as Santa Claus)"
    "He is totally clueless how to date in 2015!"

    Honestly, what made him the most attractive to me was not his credentials but your commentary about the softer, less mail-order-bride -_- side of him. Tell him THAT is what women this century are looking to date.

    As for the age difference, it's not impossible but he and I would have to be a damn near perfect match to balance out the con of a 30+ year age gap. I'd advise him to date all ranges but to concentrate on those right near his age or in the 50s. If he's really set on dating younger, his best bet is the 30-40 year age range, and to resist temptation by straying no earlier than the 28 year mark.

    "PLEASE do NOT make rude comments. I am asking this coz i care about him since he is like a dad to me"

    ^This is very sweet :)

    • Thank you very much for your opinion! I gave you MHO!

      I was wanting positive opinions to "help" but all im getting is "he's too old", "he's too fat", blah blah blah.

      I know a lot of women in their late 20', 30', & 40's would like him.

      Here's why he asked me...

      He was taking a night class at community college and he is the only white guy, 51yo, and the rest of the class (99%) are vietnamese, japanese, filipina, and other Asian women, most in their early 20's & some mid 30's. He looks mid 40's.

      During a break, they found out he is a widower and none of them believe he is 51yo. Nearly every one of them, esp the early 20's, were after he that they want to find him a wife! They said Asian women, esp vietnamese, LOVE and find older white americans so sexy and desireable!

      Most these classmates are from vietnam and only recently became or are becoming American citizens.

      What freaked/weirded him out was they said they know a lot of pretty 18yo women that would SO LOVE HIM!

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    • ... and the last thing is several of the married ones he finds attractive (they are early to mid 30's), have been telling him he needs a younger woman coz she will keep him young by having sex with him all the time! And vietnamese woman like white men coz they "have the big penis" and "the sex" is way better coz white men dont use the women only for children and "self pleasure".

      He is too much of a gentleman to be rude to them, but lately they have been bringing him pictures of the "girls" they know that would date him. He says they are some of the most beautiful women he has ever seen and when he was dating 30 years ago, he never saw Asian women, let alone that pretty.

      He said when he was in high school, none of the girls, even black girls, had big breasts. There were only 4 Asian girls, 3 black girls, and 20 or latinas in his high school. 2 white girls had big boobs, one with a surfer dude and the oth only dated jocks. Both were basically the school sluts.

    • so now, he is torn over his classmates match making. He has been asked to dinner several times, and he goes, but he says he just feels overwhelmed and flattered by the women he is being introduced to, but "something" keeps him from dating them, or anyone.

      He is very skeptical/unsure of the "we like the sex" comments and asked me if the young ones only want him for his money. stability, a green card, and will they want their family to come live with him?

      The last time he went, the woman told him if he liked her sister (26 yo), that her other 2 sisters living in Vietnam (20 & 19 yo) would be happy to come live with them to clean house, do the shopping, take care of babies, and "if sister you no like or she big with baby, sisters be happy to keep you pillow happy."

      He asked her do you mean sex? she was dead serious that her sisters really want an American husband and if husband needs "more pillow time" it be okay. Sisters be here in america and maybe find American white husbands.

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What Guys Said 4

  • He needs to think before he starts a family. He will be turning 70 before they finish high school.

  • Tell him to get a Tinder account.

  • "His wife had a really good life insurance policy, his house is paid off & he isn't rich, but he doesn't have to worry about $$. He still has to work and will work until whatever is normal for retirement."

    Not sure why this was relevant information unless you're trying to pull in a very specific type of lady. I won't say the type because people get pissed when guys claim they exist but you clearly put this info on for a reason...

    • i know you mean GOLDDIGGERS

      i just said it coz he thot it was important and a lot of younger women want a guy that they dont have to support them financially..

    • i just meant he doesn't any debt like a 30 yr mortgage she would be on the hook if they got married.

      It would interest me to know if any guy i dating has huge debt, I have dated a few that maxed out their credit cards and wanted me to bail them out... male golddiggers... lol

    • Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

  • Asian women don't have problems dating elder men but those American born wouldn't I guess he would be best in trying his luck abroad


What Girls Said 4

  • I think he has an unrealistic idea of what kind of women he wants to date, he's been very specific. Why doesn't he just get an online dating account or go speed dating and just try dating actual real women? He needs to not have such ridiculous standards when he himself is very average. Date women, find women that like him rather than shop for what he wants and end up dissapointed.

  • He should look for an anime girl, no but seriously. Hid expectations are pretty high for an overweight 50 year old.

  • Nope, for a few reasons.
    Main one being I am too young for him.

  • No thanks, I'm not Lana del Rey.


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