Why does no one seem to be attracted to me?

I don't get it. People tell me that I'm pretty. I have a lot of good friends of all genders. I'm not dumb or something, I get fairly high grades. I am also active to a fair amount of campus organizations or clubs. I dress nicely and overall people think I'm good, casual and fun.

But what makes me unapproachable to guys? A friend of mine told me that I might lack appeal, but how do I boost that? Thank you so much in advance :)


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  • Stop waiting for guys to approach you. We are in a world where women has freed themselves now. If you want something, stop waiting for everything to fall on your lap. Go get it. If you ever feel like complaining, tell yourself that we had to deal with that forever.

  • Approaching is about how u look and appeal to them... maybe u are too serious or always busy and there is a possibility that u are way too good looking and out of everyone's league..


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