Should I be concerned if I found a name and number in my boyfriend's room?

I was waiting for my boyfriend to get home and I saw a number on a small piece of paper on the floor (New York number, we live in New Hampshire), and it said "Lisa" on it. It didn't look like his hand writing and the number wasn't called or texted on his phone. I called the number and a guy answered (a guy that sounded gay at that). Should I be concerned? I'm trying to work on trusting him more but I get nervous sometimes. I haven't asked him about it and just put the note back where I found it.


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  • Well... this is interesting...

    I would give the call another call or two and see if you can find out more


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  • I tend give trust until I am given a reason not to. If I get a guy feeling I act on it. It is naive not to.

    Personally, I would give him it and say," I found this on the floor , it think this must be yours" ... that way he knows you have seen it. Then take things from there.

    Don't become paranoid, just see what his reaction is when he knows you have found it. Sometimes we can make wrong assumptions, but we can only stop doubting if we are given a reasonable explanation.

    Trust is important in a relationship , but it should never be given away freely.


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  • I'd say wait and see if he starts acting any different around you throughout the next few days. I doubt if he was cheating he would just leave the girls phone number lying around in his room. However, you already have an advantage by knowing a name. If you really want to mess with him, make him a beautiful dinner one night and right when he's about to get started on his dessert... Ask him who Lisa is. If he starts choking or his eyes get huge or he attempts to flee, then you know. Guys are usually really bad liars tbh, they scare too easy


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