Ex cursed me out for a year straight, now he's in a happy relationship with someone else?

He's not my ex but I don't know what else to consider him, we where in the talking stage for a year, when he never tried getting to know me more, but we'd have sex every blue moon. ... He claimed he had trust issues. So I was patient we talked on and off, but in the mean time he'd be-girlfriend other girls. He would never compliment me, just simply state he was interested. I tried asking him about himself but every time it seemed we were progressing he would back off...

I officially stopped talking to him after I stopped having feelings for him. He then cursed me out over twitter for 7 months straight, calling me the most vulgar names, and humiliating me in all his friends about the sex we had.

I thought it was his personality and that he'd forever be a miserable single person with issues, but now he has been in a relationship with a girl for 2 months now, after meeting her after this summer. They post pictures kissing and he introduced her to his family...

I'm thoroughly confused, but I've noticed this pattern in my dating life, am I doing something these other girls aren't that allows them to be committed to? A guy doesn't even try to get to know me, and I'm not clingy, I reciprocate whatever actions he puts out. I haven't had set since the last guy which was two years ago, but I've liked someone new in the meantime and it's the same outcome


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  • You may try not giving them sex until you know there is a potential for commitment. If they have trust issues let them be. Their trust issue is not your fault and doesn't need to be your problem


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  • You are having sex with guys who absolutely don't even recognize you are dating. All you are to them is a booty call. Don't be easy. If you are not ok with that wait at leas until the guy is ready to say you are in the dating stage.

    • Well he actually told me we were "talking" to get into a relationship

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    • I didn't say we were dating obviously, because I can never make it that far, that's my point... What's the point of leading me on for a year straight making me think there's something and saying you like me , and getting so mad when I move on?

    • & I told him my intentions, that I wanted a relationship so it's not like he was clueless as to why I'm still around, he would agree but never work on anything

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