Does anyone else do this? I build someone up in my head before I get to know them, and make them out to be someone they are not?

I don't fall for guys easily; I rarely have crushes.. But then I see a guy who truly captures my attention & I just go crazyyyy for him. It's happened numerous times now. It will be before I've hardly spoken to them.. or after a date or literally just seeing them around on campus and thinking about them 24/7. I always end up introducing myself because I feel such a strong desire for them. Then I meet them, 99% of the time they end up really liking me, and I usually feel half disappointed and half mad at myself. I make these guys out to be someone they aren't, I put them on such a high pedestal, and then when I get to know them truly, they don't fit my mold and I get disappointed, lonely, defeated.. Even though I know it's all my fault. Is this normal for young people to do? I've lost hope and don't fall for guys easily anymore, but I still make them out to be greater than they are. Like some in-human mighty God.


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  • We are all guilty of doing that :(


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