Is she leading me on?

I have been friends this girl for a few years and I think that we both have been attracted to each other at some point or another but our timing has never been right. in the last year I have fallen out of contact with her, but a few weeks ago we ran into each other again and had a lot of fun. The next week it happened again me and a few of my friends ran into her and group of her friends at a bar and it turned into me and her hanging out. I started flirting with her and she was receptive and began touching me and hanging all over me. Suddenly she accuses me of having a huge crush on one of her friends a while back which I dismissed (which is slightly true only because she had a long term boyfriend at the time). However she still continues to hang on me, but when I went in for a kiss she said don't do it, but continued to keep her hands on me. Later while she's holding me she suddenly says "you either want to ask me out or her friend" to which I respond "of course I want to ask you out" and she replied not tonight. a couple days later I asked her to come over when I had people over and we had a real good time. then about 2 days later I asked her out and she said yes it sounded nice but she was going out of town for a few days and she would get a hold of me when she got back. she's been back for a couple days and we set a date for tomorrow but she also wanted to hang out and get some people together for cards but never called me back, I finally texted her and we made plans for tonight but she "got called into work" and said she would call me back but never did... we are supposed to go out tomorrow but I feel like she's been blowing me off. what do I do I don't want to keep calling her and seem too available but I also don't want to miss a good thing again?


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  • Yes, she is.