What would you do if you were in my situation with your girlfriend or boyfriend and their ex?

Okay so my girlfriends ex who is my coworker. Has been saying some pretty messed up stuff to her about us dating, even though we had no ideal who was who and that I worked with him when we met. Things just happened and she swears she didn't know we worked together and that it wasn't intentionally to hurt her ex.

But anyways so her ex has been sending her some pretty nasty emails about us dating and him talking trash to her. So last night she told me if he asks to say we haven't been dating for along time now just so that he will leave her alone. I hate the ideal of us lying about being together, and she got pissed and said it was only to stop this drama. What would anyone else do if they were in this situation? I love her a lot but I feel as if her ex is still controlling her and who she dates.


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  • I don't think it's reasonable to lie about your relationship in regards to her ex. He's immature and he should just stop harassing her. I wouldn't agree I just wouldn't give any information about my relationship because it's non of his business and it should stay that way.

    • Yea that's what I'm saying. Work place and personal life should be separate. But in your own option you would be okay if your boyfriend told his ex that you weren't dating just to avoid drama and her harassing him about you two dating?

      Because since me and her ex work together he came up with this crazy "scheme" that she is only doing it to get back at him even though they have been broken up for a year. But she tells me every little message he sends her so that is why I trust her.

    • I wouldn't like it if he did because I would feel as if he was picking them over me in a certain way, I'm proud of the relationship I'm not going to down play that just because the ex is butthurt. He's self absorbed (your girlfriends ex) and if he thinks that way let him and that way you know with time it'll be obvious that isn't the reason. A lot of people who are still hurt think the world revolves around them. Why doesn't she block him?

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