Are women more pickier than men when it comes to dating preferences? Or are men more pickier?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • As a whole? Women. Why? We can be. The female of pretty much every species on the planet is the picky one. Males compete or perform to attract the female and she picks who she mates with.

    In a more organized, less animalistic way, humans are the same.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Women are obviously more picky!

    Most guys talk a big game about being particular, but most will date any decent looking girl that likes him back. :-P

    • I think your answer deserves a thumbs up because in this new era of dating, it all seems like most females will give anything to be in love again after a hard break up or divorce. I mean why is it that people quickly find a new wife or a husband after a break up phase?

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  • It's really pretty individual.


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