Does he really have no idea that I really like him and want something more?

A year ago we hooked up and slept together after a night out. A month after he asked me out on a date over the holidays and two days later we hung out again. I was still at school, three hours away so we'd just hook up whenever we would see eachother. I moved back after finishing school and we have been hooking up ever since..

I have developed feelings for him, I like him and care about him. But we haven't really talked about what we are or our feelings at all, so I asked him if he liked me, he said ofcourse so I told him I do too, and that I care about him, but he was sort of in disbelief (We were both pretty drunk). I guess I am partially to blame because I've only told him I liked him once to when I drunk messaged him.. But he hasn't said a whole lot about his feelings to me either, I get he maybe shy but we do sleep together..

Guys would you take these as signs that a girl likes you:
-I'm always the one inviting him to come out with me & my friends
-I'm ALWAYS messaging him first.
-I Drunk messaging him a lot
-I wished him luck on an exam

but then I guess I do things that could confuse him like talk to another guy on the phone when he's with me, and he called me mean or I refused to kiss him when we were out (drinking) because he made a rude comment and he got pretty mad
I guess I do these things because I never got anything from him, so I don't know what we are...

He knows now that I like him but do you think he knows I want something more, like to get to know eachother more, go on dates spend time together?


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  • Just tell him you want something more than just friends and you'll have nothing to lose.


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