Advice for online dating?

I've never had a relationship, only 2 guys have ever approached me in real life... I don't want to end up alone so I'm trying online dating. I don't know what is wrong with me/what I'm doing wrong but I've only gotten messages from 3 guys, none of whom do I find attractive. I tried "liking" several guys on there that I do find attractive but I haven't gotten any responses.
I worry that its me and I'm not pretty enough, but my friend tells me thats not true?
I also don't know if I should just go out with one of the guys who is apparently interested in me since no one else is? But I feel like that would be unfair to both of us because I'd be stringing along this guy that I don't find attractive?

Anyone who has had luck with online dating, how long did you search? Any pointers for it?


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  • Why don't you approach guys yourself?

    • I don't know how to start a conversation with a stranger.. I'm not very good at small talk. Got advice for that? I'm open to it

    • Comment on something they're doing to initiate a conversation and then go in for the number

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