Girls, 18-mid 20's, could YOU date a guy this young who had no scalp hair?

This guy is into me, and the only thing is he's bald, it's from a condition he can't control so he shaves it but still..., he's got a nice face and great personality but BALD?
  • Yes I would date a bald guys hair doesn't make or break a guys look to me
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  • No, I probably would not honestly date a bald guy, at the very least it'd take a lot of convincing
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  • Girls over 29 (sorry gals but a lot of girls put up with it later on)
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I don't want to sound shallow but looks so matter a lot
I think I'm passing, looks are too big a deal,


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What Girls Said 2

  • I typically prefer guys with hair over bald guys, but I wouldn't turn down a guy just because he's bald. If he and I connect and all that, I'd totally go for it with him.

    • What if you were just aquatinted though and he asked you to hangout etc? See what I mwan! It's weird... did you vote?

  • please, stop asking this question already!!!


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