Is it wrong to think this?

Okay so I've been with my girlfreind for around 18 months now and while weve been together she's gained weight which doesn't bother me its the way her moods changed while she has. She never wants do do anything sexual anymore, seems to have lost all interest in doing things like going out its like she's became really old all of a sudden. I've tried getting her to lose weight with me but she's just not interested. Is it wrong to want this? Plus she was really hot before she gained weight too now she's pretty there just isn't the wow factor.


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  • Talk to her. And don't make it just about weight. But let her know that you've noticed a change in her overall behavior and that it bothers you that she doesn't want to do things with you anymore.

    • Seriously I've talked to her about 4 times over the last year about this, i dont wanna come across as a cunt because its about weight though. I did get her doing workouts and going jogging with me but she's not bothered. I actually thought it was cos i wasn't in the best of shape myself but I've started losing weight and getting into better shape so im stumped

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    • It could be either way i need to know what it is so i can try support her with it.

    • Yes, that's true. Maybe you could start with that. Ask if anything is wrong and tell her that she can talk to you.

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  • Tell her the importance of health. Not for becoming the 'wow'. Then get her to exercise with you. To want her to lose weight?, to want what?, it's not wrong to want her to lose weight..

    • Im trying everything to persuade her but i dunno what else there is to do.

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    • I dunno to me it feels like she's got comofrtable in the ralationship and now feels she doesn't need to put effort in to woo me anymore. Its weird because i fell for the person she was i didn't even notice her body or looks untill i'd actually been with her for a while but now i feel like I've lost the person she was and obviously her looks have gone too. It's like missing someone you split up with but obviously im still with her.

    • Meh, I don't think there's such thing as that... maybe tell her that you love the person that she's used to be before... and.. I don't know push her in terms of if she's being lazy then pull her and get her to exercise with you..

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