I have no money can I go on dates?

iam a college student with no money to spend , i am an attractive guy and had a girlfriend before but i had more money , now I don't know if i can afford dates and gifts and stuff , and i know lots of girls have their eyes on me and i do like few girls but the thing is all of them have more money than me and iam afraid i won't be able to spend money on dates or stuff so they won't really like it cause lets face it no matter how much they like me they will want to know if i can provide...


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  • Sure, you can still go on dates even if you have limited funds. There are plenty of date ideas that don't cost a lot of money. It doesn't cost any money at all to just spend time with someone and talk. That's what I like, personally.

    You're in college, if any girl expects you to buy them gifts and spend tons of money on dates then they're being unrealistic and you shouldn't want to be with them anyway.


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  • Charlie, you don't need money for that just find somewhere both of you can sit and have a good time. I'm sure most girls would be tired of the same old culture. They may want something new.


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  • You can ask girls go to free on campus events, go for walks, coffee, and look for like groupons or coupons.


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