Trying to rebuild a relationship with my ex, would it seem pretty obvious to her?

I had a breakup a couple months ago, at first stayed in touch with her, she knew she broke my heart and I know it was never her intent. I took her out to dinner a few weeks after our breakup. After that I took some time to myself away from her to figure out my feelings. After about a month of not communicating with her, I texted her and told her I was passing through town, told her I could stop by for a few. We visited about an hour, and I suggested we get together sometime to watch a movie. The next day she invited me over to go out with her since her mom wasn't able to, so I went. Afterwards, we watched a movie at her place. About a week later I invited her over for dinner, there was two other couples coming, so it ended up the six of us. I'm hoping that she may have a clue that I'm not trying to just be friends. I'm not trying to pick up where we left off, I don't even mention anything about our breakup, but trying to start all over instead.
I should rephrase "starting over". We discussed the problem that happened in the first place not long after the breakup. She has apologized numerous times. My point is to not focus on what could have been, and not dwell on what happened. The point is that I am wanting to try to take things slowly.


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  • You can't "start all over", you have dated before and your past issues have to be acknowledged and dealt with if you even hope to rebuild a relationship on solid foundation.

    • I disagree to an extent. No good will come from licking old wounds right away. They should date a month or so and reconnect again before they start talking about what went wrong. If they talk about what went wrong too soon then it'll just be a reminder of why they're broken up in the first place. Once they start falling back in love though maybe bring up what happened and try to talk about it so as not to make the same mistakes.

    • @ClayMorrow That's avoiding actually dealing with what caused the problem in the first place, and it's better to deal with it first, than enter into the relationship again, just having to bring it up later. No solid relationships are built on suppressing issues, or avoiding them, and they're just being ignorant for the sake of convenience by not confronting the issue that caused them to end their relationship before, and deal with it in a satisfactory way for both of them.

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