Your in love with a girl or guy. but your in a less then desirable situation, what do you do?

you have good chemistry and feelings for them. but you work together, share simmilar friends and dont want to ruin group dynamic, are best freinds and dont want to ruin friendship, etc etc. somthing gives you hesitation. what do you do? do you take a shot and risk screwing up your work, your friendship etc. or is it best to not


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  • Don't play safe if you have real feelings for them.

    • I did, now she acts like I'm this horrible person, why would someone get posses when they find out you like them, I would be flattered and find out what I could do with that information

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    • I will repect that because she is a good person, I respect that

    • Lol do I know you? Your replies sound like something this girl in question would say? Lol

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  • Dont because I did, and I felt like I ruined what I thought was a start of a really good friendship. I misread something and went for it, now she won't even acknowledge me anymore. I think she hates me, honestly I'm afraid to approach her again. If I could have one do over, this would be it

    • then she was never a good friend. don't worry about her, In my case my girl does like me though. she is the one that initiated it

    • I worried for a very long time, you wouldn't believe how long. The worst part about it I can't even tell anyone

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  • I wouldn't love isn't worth losing a friend. I rather have a friend than a boyfriend or a girlfriend any fuckin day!


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