Girls, How do I know if this girl likes me?

To clear up the ages I am a sophomore and she is a freshman, we are a few months apart in age. So me and her talk a lot, in school, texting, and on Xbox. When I text her she instantly replies, she usually texts first, and we also Snapchat non sexually. She talks to me calmly and freely without it being awkward or hard. She makes eye contact with me when we talk and we maintain that for a long period of time. She touches my arm frequently and hugs me often. I enjoy talking to her and I believe she does too. The only catch is she has a boyfriend. She never talks about him, and is never seen in public with him. They don't talk much and I don't think they have a stron realationship. Do you think she is interested in me? I feel a connection but would like advice and opinions from another girl or few. Please help, thanks in advance.


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  • I think all the like signs are there!


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