How do I make it serious?

so I've never had a boyfriend or anything serious. I'm just not really the sort of person that people want to date it seems, I dunno. I've got with guys on several occasions, nothing serious and never as far as having sex, but recently I got with this guy at a party. We did some stuff (not a lot) and he messaged me afterwards asking if I was ok etc blah blah... Anyway, I didn't 'like' him at the time but since we got close at the party I feel like I'm getting feelings for him. How do I make things get serious? I don't think guys think I'm serious/wanting to date anyone, no one has ever asked me out which is a little depressing. So how can I get things to move from getting with him once to actually seeing each other?
Thanks xo


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  • It's hard to get a guy to be serious about you if you met him in a party, usually guys at parties just want to satisfy their needs, but if this guy seems different, then u start a conversation in the phone well if he doesn't answer back don't send him a second text, wait for him for like a week and then ask him if he's okay. but if he replies to your text right away start a conversation and directly and ask him if he wants to chill someday or invite him to an event or something don't say that you want to date him or anything like that, because guys don't seem to like to move fast and rush things with dating, they would like to know you more so try to hang out more as friendly and if he likes you he would make a move


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