I know about the other girl, now what?

I know we're not together, but when a guy starts doing all this big talk about having a future with you for the next couple years you start to develop some expectations. I've been seeing him for two and a half months and we've both discussed making our relationship public and official down the line. HOWEVER, it's been brought to my attention that he was seeing another girl as well (WHICH IS FINE! He's single! He can see who he wants to see!) I don't really care who he sees or what he's doing, all that matters to me is that he makes me his girlfriend at the end of the day.

I was at a party last weekend and his best friend called me "Michelle". I told him that wasn't my name.
He proceeded to call me Michelle "I'm gunna call you Michelle anyway!"

"NO, thats NOT my name."

I connect the dots (JUST BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY I CONNECTED THE DOTS; I dont wunna put all the business on the internet)

and figured out this OTHER girl's name is Michelle. What pisses me off is the fact that his friend thought it was SO amusing he would call me by HER NAME. --- W T F?

I'm not sure what to do with this information I've learned. I can tell you that he's not the last boy I kissed, but I have been serious about having a relationship with him since we discussed it. And even though he can do what ever he wants and see who ever he wants while he is single including see Michelle --- I do STILL want to end up with him in the end. I dont wunna fuck that up by showing jealousy or confront him or getting mad. I am tempted to get back at his friend though.

BACK GROUND INFORMATION: I'm 20, he's 18 and the OTHER GIRL is 16
  • Don't say sh*t, just be aware. Stay cool, calm and collected.
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  • Confront him and see how he reacts.
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  • Get back at his friend! That'll be funny! You know about her, but you not suppose to! HIS FAULT!
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  • Drop all expectations and keep dating others.
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  • What ever you do, DON'T ACT JEALOUS! That sh*t isn't cute! Boys don't like that!
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AND his best friend is 19 --- we are all young! I know!


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  • You say you dont care if he sees Michelle, if that is true then dont. Make sure he knows what you expect of him though. If you do get back at his friend dont go too over the top, his friend telling him what a crazy bitch you are, won't help him choose you over Michelle. I would suggest making a big deal in front of your man how his friend can't even remember your name, and calling you someone else. How he is being dumb and disrespectful. Now he is mad at his friend, and is making sure people know and respect you. Very boyfriendish.

    • That's a great idea! Thank you for that idea! I'm going to try to do it non-nonchalantly, not overly dramatic. Just express that his best friend keeps calling me by a name that isn't mine and that I don't like it. This answer was very helpful! Thank you so much! Will take your advice! I'm gunna do it at the right time and not make a scene either.

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