I don't know how to feel about first date?

So I went on a date with these girl I met at an event. We met up yesterday after she got out of work and went to a coffee shop. We sat there for 2 hours and just talked about stuff. After 7:30 she said, "I got to go I gotta get up at 6 tomorrow". I said, " Oh OK, I was going to go over there and grab a bite to eat". She said, "Oh OK, well I join you then".

I took her to one of my favorite diners, we had a good meal, I tried to be just a little physical (arm touching, hand touching, etc.). However, she really wasn't touching back much or at all. I walked her to the train station and hugged her goodbye. She told me, " text me when you get home" and I playfully said, "nah, you text me lol".

It felt like she was more like a good buddy than a potential mate. didn't seem like there was a lot of chemistry from her end even though we eerily have a lot in common. I think I was expecting too much out of a first date, but I feel there should be SOME indicator of sexual chemistry there. I like her, but I don't want to get the wrong idea of her. I normally go for the kiss on the first date but this time I didn't feel like it was right to do so.

Should I call back or no?


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  • Trust your gut. Maybe go for a friendship. That could develop into something more, or it could just be a friendship. Either way, I don't see that you lose. :)


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  • Hey buddy it is only the first date, by the looks of it you did a pretty good job. You dont wanna go too fast just let her gel with you and go from there. She might be nervous so dont get too worked up about it. You'll be fine!

    • I guess, I don't know we'll see what happens. During the date she said we have similar values and she's that. I guess we'll find out if I decide to ask her out again in a few days.

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  • 1 date and you're freaking out and determining if she is a mate?
    Chill out and relax dude...

    • I know what you mean bro, but chemistry is something that should already be present, no?

  • Women are truly weird.


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