Would he ever date me?

I'm currently in college studying pre-med chemistry. Well I may like one of the guys from my study group. Everyone in my group is saying he likes me and that we seem to flirt. Well he's kind of like me when it comes to relationships doesn't really want to date right now because of being in college and having like barely anytime for a relationship. I really don't want to make him uncomfortable and ruin our study group. I mean it seems like he likes me but also doesn't. I know he likes me as a friend. Typically I just let it go but I'm not sure what I'm suppose to do. I like him but he's totally right about the whole dating thing right now so should I risk making any moves.
  • Stay friends and let it go
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  • Tell him how you feel
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  • See where it goes without telling him
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  • See where it goes. You may mess things up bringing it to his attention, but then again, he may be waiting for you to say something... It's a gamble, really ;)


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