Advice on dating an ex?

We had a 2 year relationship, I broke up with her once over a year and a half ago, and this summer she broke up with me. After 4 months apart we got back together. We are really young in the grand scheme of dating (20) but we are also very mature compared to others our age. So basically we are first lovers and had grown up a lot together but also had some time apart in between. We have both seen other people but we always come back to each other. In our time apart I really learned more than I couldve ever imagined about a relationship and how to truly love someone. Deep down I believe we both think that we are soulmates. It's just a little weird getting back with my ex-girlfriend because we were apart for so long and we hopped back into things really quickly. We talked and brought up taking it slow and rebuilding. I'm just confused what it's like dating an ex. Can you guys give me some of your experiences/give me advice? Thanks!


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  • My only advice is: don't. "Soulmates" wouldn't break up.


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  • Dating an ex?
    You do know they're an ex for a reason?

    If you wanna be an idiot be my guest but hey what do I know


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