Girls, if a girlfriend of 3 years hooks up with a guy 3 days after breaking up and then comes crawling back what does that mean?

My ex or friends with benefits now broke up (we still live together) b/c she was acting weird and then she said she didn't want a relationship. About 2 weeks after breaking up she comes comes back acting like we are boyfriend & girlfriend and we've been having sex the whole time. I recently went through her phone last night (never done that ever before) and found that 3 days after breaking up she sent a guy provacative picutres and said are you coming over (not to our place since I was home). She said they just made out and she new him and ran into him at the bar. She said she stopped talking to him. What does all this mean, I feel like such a fool


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  • She was probably bored with this 3 year relationship & needed a little break. Also, when did she meet this guy? Because she could have been talking to him while y'all were dating too O_O

    • I have no idea when she met him. It sucks I had to see the pictures she sent him asking if he was coming over (it was like are you coming over to fuck me type of pictures but she swears they didn't and only made out- I dont believe her though). She said I care more about the music lately than her (I dj). I mean this just seems so fast to hook up with some guy 3 days after being broken up but a good looking girl has a lot of options I guess.

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    • She said she was really messed up the night it happened (drunk). Not any excuse, I just hate that we live together. We just moved in a new place 3 months ago (lived together a year at old place) that is pretty expensive and I can't afford it on my own and she definitly can't afford it on her own. She always goes out with her older sister and new best friend who seems like trouble and I think she sees her going out and getting guys and misses the "game" and attention and acting on it. Im way to old for this non sense (I'm not 24 like it says in my profile)

    • Oh no the "drunk" excuse... Yeah there's no time to play games. Seems like her new bestie is a bad influence. Either she's gonna have to distance herself from that girl to save the relationship or she needs some common sense knocked back into her head so she knows what not to do...

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