I'm always attracted to the guys that aren't really that nice?

I'm attracted to this boy who's like moody sometimes and doesn't even talk to me and he deleted me on FB like two years ago (may have been an accident because it was random but still) why do I still like him (other than him being hot) after all of this?


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  • Haha, women will pick good looking men who are asshole over nice guys who are ugly. Kind of like men. I am so tired of hearing shit from women about how men emphasize looks more.

    • Not necessarily. There are good looking guys who are equally as nice as the 'ugly' ones

    • Yeah but it doesn't tend to happen that way because the better looking men like me don't have to compensate for shit. @asker

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  • You think you deserve to be treated like crap. You need to sort out your issues.

    • Ok :)

    • You should do something about it, otherwise you will end up chasing after assholes.

    • yea I will dw

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  • Clearly you like him for his looks and not who he is. It's called lust and that's why you still like him.

  • coz he's outta your league but will still talk to you a couple of times in hope of pussy

    • I wouldn't say he's out of my league more like the other way round lol... jokes but no I don't know he used to check me out all the time n stuff but he doesn't talk to me now so

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    • well, sad how people are these days super caught up with appearances, u are shallow yourself so you just got a taste of your own medicine

    • ok :)

  • "(other than him being hot)" Found your reason.

  • You have no self respect.

    • thank you

    • The sarcasm is strong with this one! lmao

    • ur right :)

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