How limited are my options?

If I'm 5'6 and only want to date girls at least 1 inch shorter than me? Are my options really that limited? Are there a lot of girls 5'5 and under, or will i have a hard time?


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  • 5'5'' is the average height for females. So you have a lot of options.

    • Do you think most girls would be willing to date a guy only an inch taller than her though?

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  • You could just check the average height of women in your area and go from there you know.

    • Well I'm still in HS, and i live in a rural area in southern Illinois. Most girls here are actually taller than me. I'd say the average height for a girl here is 5'8, and the average height for a guy is 6'4. For some reason people in my town are REALLY tall.

      But once i go off to college, I'll be living in St. Louis. I'll be surrounded by many more people, and hopefull the average height will lower. But even if it doesn't, I'm probably going to move somewhere else when i graduate college.

    • I'll solve this for you. You're fine.

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  • Shorties usually go for the tall guys, that just seems to be the way it is with most girls, but it's possible you'll find one.


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