Girls, why do they use a difficult ways?

Okay, I'm an international college student and I'm almost 22. I had a lot of letters of admiration! When I finish my classes from college and go back to my car I find at least one letter of admiration each week. I'm not a famous guy or anything like that, but it's weird and that's all started when I took my general courses this fall ( psychology / human geography ) that has more than 200 students capacity on each class and the majority are females. The problem is that I'm not a good English speaker and I don't think they really love me for myself. One of the letters says:"One beautiful heart is better than Thousand beautiful faces… From J. M".
I think they have been attracted to me because my car or my face or because there is no a lot of men in the campus (men1:3 girls since the majority are nursing majors). There is on the other hand a girls come by and ask for number but I didn't do it because I don't know a lot about the American culture or the American girls.

What is your advice? Do you think it's normal?


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  • Talk to her


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