How do girls get approached by guys? Why is no one telling me the secret?

I have asked all my friends but they insist they don't do anything. They just get approached by guys without any problems. I am doing nothing as well but i am turning 27 and have to still get approached by one single guy in my life. I am not bad looking I think. At least people tell me i am pretty. I am a bit shy but to guys I am virtually invisible. So what are these girls doing that I am not?


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  • I think its because if we told you the secret it wouldn't be a secret. You're a blabbermouth. We know who we can and cannot tell The Secret.


What Girls Said 1

  • You probably just haven't been in the right place at the right time. They just do it when you aren't doing anything though. Grocery shopping, walking around the mall, even at work, they just randomly do it pretty much out of nowhere. It's nothing you're not doing, don't worry!

    • That can't be true. I go out with my friends and guys hit on them all the time and I am left out just standing there by myself. It can't be that the whole world is repulsed by me...

    • It is. No, I highly doubt anyone is repulsed by you. Maybe they're intimidated because they think you're out of their league, or maybe they're too shy. Or, they might think you're not available.

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