Girl not over another guy and im not sure how she feels about me?

Last year, she met this guy and they must have been really close. But the guy stopped talking to her and maybe had problems with his ex. I'm not really sure. Anyways, the girl I like was hurt when this guy stopped talking to her and it been over a year and she isn't over him. He will text her sometimes or see her in school but thats like every few months according to her. She says she wants to get over him and she will once he graduates.
When I ask if she still liked him, she told me it was complicated.

Now I really like this girl. We text each other a lot. She comes and talks to me if she has drama in her life whether it with family or friends or that guy. I haven't even known her for too long, Id say around a month.
We goof around a lot like she will take my stuff and sit on it, bite my arm lightly if try to get it back. We have a lot in common and she hangs out with me a lot but its usually school related. We Skype each other sometimes at night just to talk. I asked her what kind of guys she liked and of couse the other guy nailed every point while i nailed like 1 and half lol. But she says im funny, really nice and smart

She told me she wasn't interested in getting married or being in a relationship and just wants to graduate and leave the city we live in.

I don't know what to do, I feel like she's not over that guy and she only sees me as good friend. I have flirted with her and it seems like sometimes she's flirting back but maybe im just misunderstanding.
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  • Let her get over the other guy first


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