Unsure about long distance relationship, any advice?

Recently fell into a long distance relationship with a girl in a different country (I'm UK and she's in USA) we are very similar and admit to having feelings for one another. We've been talking for about a month perhaps and whilst I know that's not a long time its enhanced by the fact we talk for a few hours over Skype most days. The issue is that we are not in a relationship, that being boyfriend and girlfriend, and only are at the point of liking each other and talking over potential visits. My worries are mainly due to this being the first time I've tried something like this so apprehention is growing. I've never cared about someone as much as I care about this person and though I know it would be foolish to say I love a person I've never met I can honestly say that this is the closest I've felt. We get on, are similar in almost every capacaty and can talk into the late hours of both our time zones. But my questions are as follows.
1) When should I ask her out (if at all)
I feel that asking her to be my girlfriend before meeting would be odd though as I said previously I don't know what usually happens. We've talked about me wanting to visit the city she's in and I was thinking that if I did do it I would do it in person but then I don't know if that would be forceful. As you can tell I'm over thinking the situation somewhat but needless to say I do want us to be an item. She does drop hints, refers to herself as "my girl" and talks (jokingly) about our future kids and marrage but some hints are hard to read, which brings me onto the second question
2) Does she try to make me jelous?
She mentions any time that a guy hits on her or flirts with her, which is fine occationally but its to the extreme. I don't know if its to make me jelous, to be playful, to show people are intrested or to show that I'm just a distraction for now. It's hard to tell. She claims to not date at the moment and only do sexual things with me but t
Unsure about long distance relationship, any advice?
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