Dating six months and haven't talked in 3 days are my feelings justified?

I have been dating this guy for six months and just recently he moved in with my parents in another town for work, long story lol. Before he left we got into a fight and it was pretty bad I was histarical and he was screaming at the top of his lungs, but in the end we ended up making up and he ended up leaving, the last thing he text me was that he made it. I know my mom wants to help and all so she said we shouldn't talk or anything for a week and he has taken it serious and I'm just not sure if my feelings are justified because I'm upset and kinda angry that he wouldn't make the effort despite someone else's opinion...
Ps. He is 30 lol


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  • He might also agree with your mom thinking he is doing something to help the both of you. Sounds to me like you are overreacting, it's not like he's been put on a curfew or something.

    • Thanks for being honest lol I tend to overreact at times. I guess because of our recent fight I felt like we might grow apart from not communicating.

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